A renewed vision

We seek to encourage a renewed vision of agriculture, embracing all forms of husbandry;  a vision that embraces the realities of soil, season and weather, the overwhelming importance of food and nutrition, the relationships between farming and wildlife and landscape, and the motivations and capacities of farming people.  The advent of climate change demands new ways of looking at concepts like sustainability and efficiency.  A renewed vision can enable farming people to rediscover the depth of their calling.  It can also change the outlook of those with the voice or the power to influence the way farming is done, whether they be politicians, economists, powerful companies or simply people eating food.

Our vision is one rooted in Biblical understandings of food and hunger, the relationship between humanity and creation, and issues of justice.  We seek to investigate, illuminate and analyse, and communicate our findings to challenge thought and action.  In this work, we accept the authority of the Bible as a whole, tough bits as well as plain and easy bits, alert to themes running through the whole as well as to ‘stand-out’ passages.  We consult widely, and try to understand the circumstances and context in which passages were written before considering their message for our world of husbandry.