Welcome to ‘Honey & Thistles’. Honey & Thistles is the website of the Agriculture and Theology Project (ATP). It is also a blog, a book, a network and a vision.

Honey & Thistles, the book, was published in April 2015, and is available from the office of the Agricultural Christian Fellowship. Find out more here, and order copies here.

The network is both a present reality and a future ambition. ATP has made many friends and had many co-workers over the years, but there are many more who share our concerns and vision with whom we have yet to connect. If you are among the latter, wherever you are, then please get in touch.

Likewise the vision is both old and new. A vision for an agriculture shaped and formed by the Bible and the wisdom of Christian thinkers and practitioners has gripped and motivated many over the years, over the centuries even. Yet, we face profound change and unprecedented challenges to agriculture and food and the way we use land and resources. This calls for a new vision, one rooted in the eternal truths of Scripture, yet one that is as dynamic as the world it seeks to change.