What people say about ‘Honey and Thistles’

“The authors have worked very hard to produce something so well planned and presented:  clear and logical and thoughtful, plus a wealth of pertinent information and very readable.” (Chris Carey).

“I have just read Pope Francis latest encyclical, laudato SI.  I was struck by its similarity to Honey & Thistles.  I find it very encouraging that the same fundamental matter underlaid both documents.  It is not a matter of tacking on some eco friendly ideas to our normal way of thought, but a basic reappraisal of our mode of doing things.  We have lost our respect for the world we inhabit and cannot hear protests that our abusive behaviour is call forth.  This is also shown in our social affairs where the powerful dominate to the detriment of relationships.” (Mark Inman).

“This book is a brave attempt to promote a spiritual compass for the substantive question of food provision in a globally commoditised world.  It asks how we can act as moral stewards of the land and its resources in facing the challenges of corporate concentration, climate change, land grabs and rural flight amongst others. It reiterates the point that we are but temporary custodians of the land, irrespective of whether we are, or are not, its legal owner and that is incumbent on us to farm wisely, judiciously and sustainably. It tackles a range of issues, from biotechnology to biodiversity and from an analysis of power to biblical exegesis -and perhaps tries to do too much. But that is precisely because both authors are passionate about engaging a broader constituency in making the world – and rural society – a better place for posterity.” (Dan Taylor, Director, Find Your Feet)

“We live in a lifeless universe – except for one incredible planet, Earth. Life is a gift, a gift from God, but it could so easily be lost. Poison the bees or the oceans and earth will be as sterile as every other planet. This book gives us Biblical principles for treasuring the fragile gift we have. Life is not ‘a given’, its a ‘gift’, a gift to be cherished.” (Mark Oxbrow, International Director, Faith2Share)

“Christopher Jones and John Martin have done us a great service in highlighting and explaining biblical principles which are still relevant today. Farming and food production are key to human flourishing. Taking this book seriously would help us care better for the world and for humanity.” (Donald McAllister, Bishop of Peterborough)

“The Bible contains a wealth of wisdom for our everyday lives but sadly too many ignore its relevance in today’s world.  In fact it is just as relevant today as it ever was and we undervalue its principles at our peril.  Christopher Jones and John Martin have produced a thought provoking report encouraging the application of a Biblical approach to food and farming.  The work is rightly challenging to some of the accepted norms we have fallen into as a society but perhaps are not in our best, long-term interests. Understanding God’s will, as expressed through his inspired word in the Bible, is the single most important priority for such a time as this.” (George Dunn, Chief Executive of the Tenant Farmers Association & Chair of Trustees of Farming Community Network)

“Whilst this book is interesting, informative and enjoyable it is also challenging and provocative.  I believe it is essential reading for anyone concerned about   how their food is produced and especially for those involved in its production and marketing.  Above all it should bring every reader to prayer as it confronts   them with issues about which they should be seeking God’s will and guidance.” (Gordon Gatward, RuServe)