Global climate change. Agricultural implications and theological reflections.

Global climate change. Agricultural implications and theological reflections, John Wibberley, Rural Theology 6 (2), 75-89, 2008.

The case for global climate change is made, with reference to current warming trends and consequent increases in the severity and unpredictability of the weather. Consensus is considerable that substantial contribution is made to it by human activity. Agriculture, including livestock production in particular, contributes its share to global warming. Agricultural implications may include suffering or gain from climate change depending upon where one is farming. In general, already marginal, food insecure areas will suffer most – notably in sub-Saharan Africa. Moral dilemmas are raised not only by the events resulting and likely to result from climate change but also from the actual and potential responses to it at both policy and personal levels. Practical responses to these realities are considered in the light of some basic theological reflections.

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