Animal stories

Food is the most direct link we have between culture and nature, city and farm folk.  It can serve as the point of interest that unites urbanites with farming concerns. As  we begin to understand that food is not simply fuel, but is in fact a natural, social, cultural and spiritual product, we will also make the effort to foster the practical conditions necessary to protect and preserve ecological and social health. (Norman Wirzba, 2003).1 In the first part of my address at Worcester Cathedral Read more [...]

Food, land and people, and the road to Emmaus

Address given at Worcestershire County Harvest Festival, Worcester Cathedral, 2 October 2016 Dr Peter Carruthers, Honorary Senior Fellow, University of Worcester, Executive Director, Village Hope (Readings - Verses from Psalm 104, Luke 24: 13-35) It's always difficult to know where to start an address like this. So perhaps I might begin by stealing someone else’s lines, and quote the first words of Jorge Bergoglio on his appointment as Pope Francis: “Brothers and sisters, good Read more [...]