Milk quotas and matters arising

On April 1st the BBC reported that milk quotas were being abolished “so (that) EU dairy business can compete with international rivals in supplying growing markets in Asia and Africa”. It is not immediately clear why a system to match production to demand should be an obstacle to exports.  Quotas were introduced in 1984 when the EU was struggling with “mountains” of skimmed milk powder and butter.  The figures appear to show that quotas contained this problem, which was giving the Common Read more [...]

Election manifestos. What are they saying about farming?

Just had a very quick skim through the party manifestos! The only mention I could find in Labour's is a commitment to "driving reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and a Commission-led zero-based review of spending on EU agencies to reduce waste and inefficiency". By contrast, the Conservatives take up almost two pages (admittedly one page is an image of some fish) to set their intention to "support the rural economy and strengthen local communities, champion our farmers and food producers, support Read more [...]